My name is Chris AKA BullittStrong (I’ll tell you that story another day). I am from Houston, Texas; and I make independent music that I want to hear. No pre-programmed, sterilized, and packaged shit here- just me. I know most people will tell you they listen to all types of music- but do they really? Well, I do- and my influences are too many to list. That is why, although my songs tend to lean to the heavy or loud side, I make whatever I want; genre’s be damned.

And, you may also notice, my lyrics aren’t what you may hear on pop radio or MSM… Perhaps it’s the contrarian in me, or just the fact that my beliefs and politics don’t align with the norm, but I seek to make a voice for the “other side.”

 So, strap in, or saddle up, or buckle up or…(umm, you know what I mean) And be sure to turn it up!

I am putting up new songs/videos on a regular basis via Soundcloud, Bitchute, and Youtube currently. Check me out on those sites, or just go to my “Songs” page here to get a sample of music. Enjoy!

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And don’t forget to follow me on Gab and Twitter @BullittStrong

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